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Разработчик: John Goering

Все об игре In-Flight Assistant (для планшета и смартфона)

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In-Flight Assistant
Разработчик: John Goering (© 2017 John Goering)
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Наличие русского языка: нет
Возрастная категория: 9+
Общий рейтинг: starstarstarstarstar (5)
Языки: EN
Дата выпуска: 13.12.2016
Цена в AppStore: 379 руб.

Статистика для iPad

Общий рейтинг: starstarstarstarstar (Количество проголосовавших: 5)
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Возрастная категория: 9+
Относится к категориям: Игры, Спорт, Симуляторы, Утилиты
Приложение входит в ТОП-200 (по количеству загрузок) по следующим категориям: Игра не входит в ТОП-200 (по количеству загрузок) ни по одной категории ни в одном разделе.

Обзор, описание

Add a whole new dimension of realism to your Infinite Flight experience with this polished, third-party add-on to Infinite Flight, the best mobile flight sim on the App Store!

Hear over 30 co-pilot voice samples during your flight, whether it's takeoff callouts like "V₁", "Rotate!", or "Positive Rate", or whether it's warnings when speed limits are being approached, or confirmation callouts when setting flaps or gear settings.

In-Flight Assistant is NOT a flight simulator itself but rather requires Infinite Flight to provide voice callouts and realistic automated warnings for your flights.

Check out a 7-minute video of the app in action at:


Start In-Flight Assistant, then launch Infinite Flight on the same device - you'll hear a confirmation that In-Flight Assistant is connected. It will now be watching your flight and provide the callouts as you configured them within the app. It's that simple!


The following callouts are provided:

• "80 knots"
• "V₁"
• "V₂"
• "Rotate"
• "Positive Rate"
• "Let's watch our speed, captain" warning when taxiing or flying too fast
• "Gear up/down" confirmation
• "Flaps at XXX degrees" / "Flaps Final" confirmations
• Spoiler status
• 4 voices, including Mark 'Skyhawk Heavy' Denton!


* Welcome aboard announcement
* Arm doors for departure & cross-check
* Safety briefing
* Flight attendants, take seats for takeoff (when turning on strobes)
* "You may move about the cabin now, etc."
* Descent beginning
* Welcome post-landing


Using a headset mic, use voice commands to control many of the airplane's systems! Once it is set up, In-Flight Assistant will be listening for your voice to say things like "gear up", "set heading 2-3-0", and much more, and your co-pilot will set the autopilot settings for you!

IMPORTANT A headset and a quiet environment is recommended for best accuracy. The stronger your non-American accent, the less accurate the recognition may work.


Experience fully-featured GPWS warning callouts such as "TOO LOW, GEAR", "SINK RATE", or "PULL UP!" - in accordance with the specification of the real-world Honeywell MK VI GPWS system - with all 6 modes supported, including turboprop alternative settings (automatically detected whether the aircraft is a turboprop), Steep Approach Bias, Flap Override settings, and more.

(NEW) Also provides a waypoint proximity alert system and a simplified "VNAV" system where you can set altitudes and speeds you want the autopilot to have per waypoint!

The following callouts are provided:

• Autopilot disconnect warning sound (Airbus / Boeing)
• "GLIDESLOPE" both quiet and loud, depending on how low you are
• "MINIMUMS" or "MINIMUMS, MINIMUMS" (configurable)
• "BANK ANGLE" based on aircraft type, altitude, speed, autopilot setting, etc.
• "RETARD, RETARD" when landing in an Airbus


Huge thanks to the entire Infinite Flight community for their amazing support, as well as Laura & Flying Dev Studios for providing an awesome API that makes apps like this one possible.

Additional thanks to Cam (maker of LiveFlight) for his open-source API examples.

Thanks to Jan ( for his audio engineering assistance!


In-Flight Assistant is not affiliated with Flying Dev Studios.






Версия для Андроид


Данную игру можно также установить на планшеты и смартфоны с системой управления Андроид, так как она есть также и в магазине Загрузить ее можно по ссылке:



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