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На этой странице представлена подробная информация об игре для iPad и iPhone (для IOS). Данные обновляются каждый день.

Разработчик: Sebastien Morellet

Все об игре My Hero! (для планшета и смартфона)

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My Hero!
Разработчик: Sebastien Morellet
Официальный сайт:сайт игры или разработчика
Наличие русского языка: нет
Возрастная категория: 4+
Общий рейтинг: 0 (не определен)
Языки: EN
Дата выпуска: 20.11.2014
Цена в AppStore: 399 руб.

Статистика для iPad

Общий рейтинг: не определен (Количество проголосовавших: не определено)
Рейтинг текущей версии: не определен (Количество проголосовавших: не определено)
Возрастная категория: 4+
Относится к категориям: Игры, Настольные, Развлечения, Ролевые игры
Приложение входит в ТОП-200 (по количеству загрузок) по следующим категориям: Игра не входит в ТОП-200 (по количеству загрузок) ни по одной категории ни в одном разделе.

Обзор, описание

My Hero! is an app for tablets and smartphones which allows you to manage automatically and comprehensively all your PFRPG characters. This is far more than a simple character sheet. Forget all the calculations because the app takes care of them, without any mistake. Stop losing your time looking at all your sheets: everything is in your device.
Beginners will find the app very helpul as it will guide them throught the character creation and will take care of all the technical part. Confirmed players will find a powerful tool capable of managing all the effects affecting their character. They will be able to move their attention from the calculations to the game.

Compatible: iPhone 5 and more recent, iPad 2 et more recent.
Languages: English and French.
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- Automatic and Entirely Guided Character Creation (as well as leveling up). Every available options corresponding to your character’s class and level are proposed to you.
- Automatic calculation of all your characters statistics in a very clear presentation close to the one used by the Bestiary.
- Management of All your Characters, from the beginning to the end of their career.
- Activation of Effects Affecting your Character. "Effects" is a general word to group things like spells, class features, combat modes, feats, conditions, afflictions, items abilities, etc. Your character’s statistics will be calculated as they should. This even works with complex effects like polymorph spells or antimagic zone.
- Definition of Ten Attack Options - choose the weapon(s), the effect(s) to be added to it (magic weapon or holy weapon for example) and the combat mode to consider (arcane strike and/or power attack for example).
- Complete Management of the Inventory . Buy one item for your character and the corresponding gold will be withdrawn from your saving. The inventory is managed with stores. Besides the base stores, you can define five of them and decide whether the weight of each of them is to be considered for your character encumbrance. Your character carries a bag of holding? Put the items in it in a store and indicate that the weight shouldn not be taken into account. Your character carries items which are owned by her group? Put thes items in a store which weight should be taken into account. If your group wishes, you can sell of these items with only one click. Mention the number of shares and the app will tell you the amount of gold gathered after this sell. This gold is already in your character’s belongings but you will be able to tell your friends how much they should add to theirs.
- Definition of Creatures Called "Allies" whose statistics are available from the main view of your character. You can apply effects on your allies the same way you do it on your character. This feature is especially useful when summoning monsters. By the way, if you define an ally as a summoned creature and your character has the Augment Summoning feat then its statistics will be calculated as they should.
- Hit Points Management.
- Experience Points Management.
- Spellbooks and Spell Lists Management.
- Items Charges Management.
- Features, Spells and Items Daily Uses Management.
- Items Hit Points Management.
- Familiar,Animal Companion and Mount Management (it is treated as an ally).
- Sending of your Character Sheet by Email.
- Basic Dice Launcher.
- Optional Rule Management (Hero points, non-encumbrance, etc.)
- A Combat Mode allowing you to define, round after round, the effects activated on your character as well as their duration. The effects will be deactivated as soon as their duration expires.
- Content: Core Rulebook and Bestiary; other books as in-app purchases.






Версия для Андроид


Данную игру можно также установить на планшеты и смартфоны с системой управления Андроид, так как она есть также и в магазине Загрузить ее можно по ссылке:



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На этой вкладке мы стараемся собирать различную полезную информацию из интернета о данной игре на iPad. Например о том, где это приложение можно скачать бесплатно без регистрации на компьютер, смартфон, планшет, Андроид, iPhone или iPad.

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